PA 50th Anniversary Celebration Roadshow and Launch

Ever wanted to find out more about interesting features of your estate?  All these and more were found at the PA roadshow called Wow Wow West.

The roadshow, organised by the Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, was held at West Mall on 20th August 2010. Besides local history, we can learn how PA has grown alongside Singapore’s own development, local community programmes, and volunteering opportunities in our neighbourhood.

In order to make things more interesting, we decided to interview spectators, helpers and Grassroots' Leaders who were at the event.


"I think it was pretty well organised." - Randy Chan 
"It was a great effort put up by the GROs." - Judy Tai
"The skit presented was interesting and quite well presented. I enjoyed watching it." - Roland Sim
 "The organisers should have foreseen and provided enough seats for the crowd." - Susan Lim

"50th Anniversary is a major milestone for PA as they have come so far today. The event was held in a good location with a high traffic of passerbys. Hopefully we will be able to get more volunteers during this roadshow." - Chan Wee Lee

"It was interesting to see the history of Jurong and how it has progressed from then to now as well as future plans." Yin Jin
"The PA roadshow was held at an ideal and convenient location but the place was a bit compact." - Ho Thian Poh

"The skit was funny and we really enjoyed it." - Rita Harfazoo & Family