Zone 3

Zone 3 lies in Bukit Batok Central and  comprises of Blk 120-130 and Blk 620-622. It’s a very busy zone with the Housing and Development Board area office, Town Council area office and Bukit Batok Polyclinic lies within it.
Standing tall in Zone 3 are three 30-storey buildings which residents fondly refer to as Fu Lu Shou, representing fortune, prosperity and longevity.
One of the most “delicious” things in Zone 3 is the Culinary Arts Club. Members get together to exchange culinary secrets and demonstrate the finer art of cooking. One of their most memorable events was in 2006, when they prepared a Pot Luck feast of some 250 dishes.
The zone is also keen on acting and singing. The multi-racial members of the Singing & Drama Club and Wanita Choir perform regularly at constituency concerts.