Zone 1

Zone 1 is a mature estate, and houses mostly four  to five-room flats which comprise Blocks 111-119 and 131-132.
Bukit Batok Community Club is located in Zone 1 where Blk 117 is the closest to it.  About 10-20 people turn up at Block 116 every Thursday to Sunday for their regular Karaoke session. The Karaoke Club is well known for its excellent sounds system and friendly ambience. Other than Karaoke, the Senior Citizens’ Group also meets every last Sunday of the month for breakfast at Block 119.
About 80 to 120 people turn up regularly to catch up with their neighbours and feast on the generous spread of local breakfast delights. The friendly chit-chat continues long after breakfast is over. When it comes to activities for the senior citizens, taiji rules, says Zone 1 RC chairman. There are more than 100 enthusiasts who meet up every day to practice their moves in this Chinese art of self defense. Many of the taiji teachers have been with the club for years. The club has won numerous awards and has been invited to perform in Malaysia.
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