Community Emergency and Engagement Committees

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The Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E) Committees is the community Emergency Preparedness (EP) Unit formed in each constituency. The C2E Committees is the amalgamation of the former Emergency Preparedness Group and Civil Defence Executive Committees.

C2E Committees help strengthen community resilience by involving residents, grassroots leaders, educational institutions, business, religious, voluntary welfare organisations and other community partners in Community Emergency Preparedness programmes. Each of the 84 constituencies has formed a C2E Committees to enhance our capability to effectively respond to, and quickly recover from any emergency.

What are the roles and functions of the C2E Committees?

During peace time, C2E Committees develop and maintain the Community Emergency Preparedness plans, structures and systems. The C2E Committees also organise exercises and EP activities to be prepared for emergencies and to ensure operational readiness. C2E Committees partner various government emergency authorities to educate the community about Community Emergency Preparedness.

During times of emergency, C2E Committees will respond by coordinating community resources and grassroots’ emergency response efforts. Together with other grassroots organisations, the C2E Committees will also help emergency authorities to disseminate critical information and collect feedback and will help defuse community tension and restore public confidence and normalcy.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

What is CERT?

CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is an organised group of volunteers equipped with special training to respond to an emergency and assist the community in the recovery process. The main role of the CERT is to strengthen the emergency response capabilities of the local community.

First formed in 2004 at the Residents' Committee and Neighbourhood Committee zonal level to support the EPG and CDEC, CERT members are made up of grassroots leaders and residents who are staying in the vicinity. Being closer to the ground, they can respond to an emergency before the arrival of the emergency authorities. CERT members assist in rendering basic first aid, evacuation and crowd control before and after the emergency authorities arrive.

What is your role as a CERT member?

  • Help the community respond to and recover from emergencies
  • Disseminate critical information to residents
  • Work together with constituency emergency units to organise EP days and other EP programmes for residents
  • Help identify residents requiring special assistance during emergencies

You can receive the following trainings:

  • Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP)
  • Standard First Aid Training (with 3 years certification)
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support Course (with 2 years certification)
  • Crisis Intervention Workshop