Zone 10

Zone 10 consists of 16 blocks of flats . Blocks 181-193 grouped together and Blocks 297-299 just beside Bukit Batok Swimming Complex. Blocks 297-299 are recent additions to Zone 10.

Zone 10 was the champion of the Jurong GRC National Day Flag decorations for 3 consecutive years from 2005 to 2007. A spectacular sight to behold in the month of August, Block 185 displayed an impressive flag measuring 20 ft x 30ft. What was even more impressive was that every stitch of the flag was sewn and strung by the Zone 10 residents, without a stitch coming from external help.

Zone 10 also held its inaugural Children's Cake Decor Contest in 2005, which has since grown in participants' strength over the years. An indication that budding chefs are gradually making their mark in and around Bukit Batok.