Zone 9

The Bukit Batok Zone 9 RC’s location is unique as it is divided into two areas. One area comprises of Blocks 225 to 230 on one side of Bukit Batok East Ave 3 and another area, Blocks 623 to 644 is in the heart of Bukit Batok where West Mall, Bukit Batok Bus Interchange and MRT station are situated.

The zone is honoured to be the host venue for the Annual Street Soccer League - Lee Hsien Loong Challenge Trophy. There is also a mini golf course where informal lessons are conducted by RC member, Hussein bin Tujoh.

The women and children have their own activity groups. The art of embroidery is very much alive in the women's Sewing Class. Stomp, a children’s music group, taps onto kids' musical talents and creativity. The music group takes household items and transforms them into musical instruments. These recycled "musical instruments" when played in sync, create music. It's Stomp’s way of being musical and yet green at the same time. The zone also has a group of senior citizens by the name of 321 Group doing their morning exercises at the Bukit Batok Plaza hardcourt.

The RC recently joined hands with the Police and Town Council to start a "Citizens on Patrol" group to keep the area a clean and crime free zone. Residents who are keen to join the "Citizens on Patrol" can contact the Residents’ Committee at 6566 3051.