Zone 8

The zone lies between Street 21 and Avenue 3, which comprise Block 212 to 224. Living in the area has the privilege of being close to Fuji Hill.

Zone 8 is also home to one of Bukit Batok’s three communal farms. The zone senior citizens touch to the farm and involved in every aspect of community living. The vegetables from the communal farm are used as part of the ingredients or dishes for the RC’s Cooking Club regular cooking. One of their favourite dishes is the Hakka Rei Cha (Hakka Tea Rice).

The RC Senior Citizen’s Corner was renovated with free-form design where no fixed furniture allows flexibilities. You would say that the design reflects the free spirit of our senior citizens.

The zone also have a line dance group practices every sat morning at Blk 219 from 9am to 10am and also a creative ladies club who meet quarterly to come together to do handicrafts. They also badminton club who meets every Friday evening at Bukit View Secondary School from 7pm to 10pm for their weekly keep fit sessions. If you are free, you can also join in their aerobics and brisk walking clubs every evening at the covered basketball court near Fuji Hill from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.