My Reflection - Organizing Chairman National Day Observance Parade 2013

This journey started during last year Bukit Batok Retreat in Nov 2012 when we discussed how we want to celebrate our 48th National Day in 2013. By then I was mulling over what to do for the special event.  Planning and discussion started in Dec 2012 with a core group of members from the Bukit Batok Community Center office. As we frame our discussion on the "WHAT" and "HOW". So for the "WHAT" part we thought of partnering with school and our government agency like Police, SAF & Civil defense to brain-storm.  We came up with a concept plan for the celebration and sought Adviser's (Mr David Ong) approval. Once this is done, we tackled the "HOW" part by looking for schools which have big area for us to hold this event.  We started partnering with Millennia Institute. We visited the school and sought their cooperation in organizing this event. After 2 attempts, we realized it was not suitable due to the school's administrative and security reasons.

With determination we tried to get our Bukit Batok Schools to be involved in this celebration. We visited all the five schools (Bukit Batok Secondary, Bukit View Secondary, Bukit View Primary, Princess Elizabeth Primary and Keming Primary) with our concept plan and persuaded them to join us for the event. This took us 3 months (from Jan to March 2013) - a long and difficult process. After visiting them we arranged the first meeting in April 2013 with all school principals to join our adviser for pledging their support on the concept of celebrating National day 2013 in Bukit Batok Sports Hub.

We formed the committee with organizing adviser Mr Lim Boon Lye and all the school representatives. From then onwards the flow of events came naturally. All schools were represented and we kicked off with the detailed planning of the event. The most important thing for all participants was the programming sequencing of the parade. This was another difficult part as different schools had different commitment and to facilitate them all I had to visit the school participants and to engage them and brief them. The passion of coming together to celebrate Country birthday as ONE community was encouraging. Our Theme was ONE Community ONE Voice ONE Heart.

I still vividly remembered the extremely cooperative participants during the rehearsal. Then come the actual day - they were full of joy and some arrived as early as 7am for their breakfast before the event. All in full uniform looking proudly in the Sport Hub. Blessed with good weather, we had a wonderful parade and a beautiful show. All residents in Bukit Batok enjoyed it.

In conclusion, it is my great pleasure to be organizing this meaningful and important event in Bukit Batok. My takeaway is this: "Don't give up when things don't look well, with patience and have determination, anything can be overcome.

ONE Community  ONE Voice  ONE Heart

Many Stories One Singapore 

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