Know our GRL -- Mr Eric Ng

Know Our GRL - Mr Eric Ng

a) Tell us a little about yourself
    -28 years old
    - married
    - serving Batok for 14 years
    - start out as YEC interest group
    - joined YEC at age of 18

b) Tell us your memories of Bukit Batok in its early days?
    -When I was a kid, Batok was still in the midst of building up, the changes over these 20 over years was significant and the environment was always a conducive one to live in.

c) Who inspired you join Bukit Batok Community family?
    My best friend chris chan is the one whom introudced me into GRO

d) What are some of your most memorable experiences as a grassroots leader?
    -Participate in project initiate
    - Japaneses youth exchange
    - Organizing chairman for Rebound 2012 and vice chair for Rebound 2013
    - smiles of all the residents that I had help and get in touch with

e) How has community service changed over the years?
    -in terms of better way to engage the residents,
    - different and more vibrant financial schemes avaliable

f) Tell us your Singapore Story.
    - this is where i find that everybody had a equal and second chances to be themselves, I was once a poly drop out but I still had a second chance to study again and achieve what I want in life.