Know our GRL -- Kartik Aravind Raj (Chairman Zone 2 RC)


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your involvement in Volunteerism.
My current GRO appointment is Chairman of Zone '2' Resident's Committee and my current career path is in education. In short, I am a teacher. Well, there is nothing much to say about myself, I'm usually outgoing and love to have a good laugh every now and then. I'm passionate about my work and it shows by the long hours I put in school everyday. Other than work, I love sitting back and watching movies (I'm a huge movie buff) and of course, the national past-time of eating. Favourite foods include satay, ayam penyet and of course, briyani. What I dislike most is people who do not put their money where their mouth is and, naysayers.
2. When did you first join the GRO.
My first run-in with a GRO was with Zone '2' back in 2010, I think. I joined Zone '2' because my father was a member and that somehow gave me the inkling to be a grassroots member. So I told my dad about it and he got the application done for me. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, not only am I in Zone '2', I am also a member of the Bukit Batok Youth Executive Committee (BBYEC).
3 Can you remember which event/incident gave you the a deep impression? How did it effect you?
I guess the event which left a deep impression in me was the time where I was temporarily paralysed from waist down due to a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome. This happens when the discs in your back slip and go on to compress against the spinal cord. I was very sure that I would be permanently paralysed when I was wheeled in for emergency surgery. I was gripped by a number of emotions at that time, but it was fear mostly. Many thoughts ran through my head and I was pretty sure that my life had ended there and then. But thankfully, I recovered after 6 months of intense physiotherapy, acupuncture, suffering and pain. Although I still am suffering the after effects of the condition (I'm still slightly numb in my right leg), I really am thankful that I can walk again and lead a normal lifestyle.  
4. Some words of advise or thoughts would like to share with all of us.

The only piece of advise I can give to readers is that life is short so Carpe Diem (seize the day).
Thanks Raj, sieze every day!
NIE Graduation.
Paying a visiting to the residents with Advisor Mr David Ong.
Chinese New Year Celebrations.