My Neigbourhood Gems - Painting with Light Talk : 8 Nov 2012 @ Bukit Batok CC

Mr David Ong, MP and Advisor to Jurong GRC grassroots organisation, believes that the 'My Neighbourhood Gems' series augment our efforts to outreach and engage our residents. He says; “By collaborating with People Associations' PMET Division, we hope to bring like minded individuals who share an interest and passion for photography to come participate in this event. We will be showcasing Light Painting photography works for the Bukit batok instalment of 'My Neighbourhood Gems series. I am thankful to the PMET Division of the PA for developing the My Neighbourhood Gems series. I believe it will bring a whole different dimension to the events that we usually organise. By calibrating our programmes to their interests, we can better reach out to different segments of our residents.

Koh Tak Yang, Leader of Bukit Batok Photo Interest Group, says that, “As both a professional photographer and photo interest group leader, I can see Network over Light Photography helping my peers keep abreast of industry developments and provide inspiration for their own photography journeys. With most photo interest operating on a very local level, I can envision My Neighbourhood Gems playing the complementary role of bringing Singapore’s various photo enthusiasts and photo interest groups together through its common platform of programmes. This can only be good and I am very much looking forward to connecting more with photo enthusiasts, especially those living around Jurong GRC area and encourage them to be part of Bukit Batok Interest Group where we can organize regular outings together.

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