WEC Chinese Calligraphy Competition @ Bukit Batok CC 25-Mar-2012

The National Students’ Chinese Calligraphy Competition is an annually event jointly organised by Bukit Batok CC WEC, YEC & SCEC and supported by Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore.

Chinese Calligraphy is an expressive arts. It is a reflection of a person’s emotions, moral integrity, character and accomplishments in self-cultivation and approach to life.

This event is held in conjunction with the Chinese Arts Festival week. Every year, the event attracted more than 200 students from all over the island to participate and it aims to create awareness of Chinese Calligraphy and to cultivate the interest in Chinese arts of the younger generation.

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From the winners


Primary Category

Huang Yong Tang, Nan Hua Pri.

I've been learning Chinese Calligraphy for 3-4 years in school. I pick it up because I feel that it is a significant component of our culture. Hence when I practise it, I don't just learn the words, I am better acquainted with my culture too.

Secondary Category

Fu Xijin, Nan Hua Sec.

I practise Chinese Calligraphy since 6 years ago. My parents is my major source of inspiration as they are both very culturally inclined. The most important thing I learn most from Chinese Calligraphy is that whatever we do, we need to put in our 100%.

Tertiary Category

Xu Shi, Chinese High

I picked up Chinese Calligraphy 10 years ago, since I was in Primary School. It has been my hobby ever since. It helps me find inner peace.

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