Bukit Batok Zone 2 Health Check @ Blk 104 24-March-2012

A joint event with the Bukit Batok Polyclinic and the Bukit Batok YEC, Zone 2 brings affordable health check to the residents who need it most. Along with the Health Check, talk on how to maintain health was delivered.
A Testimonial
kartik aravind raj, Blk 102
When I waked along the void deck of block 104, I noticed a steady stream of people walking towards the RC to register for the health screening. I then proceeded to enter the RC office and was even more surprised to notice vast number of people who have turned up to support the event. The entire office was completely packed with little or no room to move, and this cements the fact that the overall even was a success. The staff from the polyclinic were friendly, courteous and were it was clear that they knew what they were doing and were very efficient. The polyclinic staff also went to the extra mile of providing residents with the necessary information with regards to the health screening itself and also set-up a video screening session where residents were educated on the various aspects of the entire health screening process. Refreshments were also provided for the residents during the event and it was evident that they were appreciative to the RC for taking the effort to cater these refreshments. Although the stipulated event completion time was at 5pm and the RC had ran out of tickets, we still managed to provide services for residents who came late for the event 

All in all, it was a successful event and the residents were clearly satisfied and appreciative with the RC for organizing such an event