PA story in Capital Radio 95.8FM Programme "How much do you know about Singapore?"

The 11th episode of the series, which featured Bukit Batok CC engaging residents through its diversified programmes”, was aired Sunday evening, 6 November 2011. In this week’s programme, Grassroots Adviser Mr David Ong, BBM, highlighted that one of Bukit Batok CC’s priorities was to make sure that the CC had reached out to as many residents as possible. He cited examples of the CC’s efforts to attract young parents through a Cake Décor Contest and young people through the CC’s Aero modelling club.

Mr Peter Yeo, BBM, Bukit Batok CCC Chairman and Dr Chung Tang Fong, BBM, Bukit Batok CCMC Vice-Chairman stressed that GRLs organised a variety of activities and programmes to engage residents of different races, languages and religions, such as multi-racial festival celebrations and different cultural activities. Mr Mohd Jais, the Instructor for Orkestra Melayu Singapura and leader of the CC’s Gamelan Interest Group and Dr Chung touched on promoting Malay culture through Gamelan and Kompang and highlighted the CC’s Gamelan Interest Group. Mr Tan Eng Kiat, the Conductor, shared about the CC Chinese Orchestra’s efforts to engage youths. Mr Lim Boon Lye, PBM, the CCMC Chairman said that the CC had built a small food-court to bring convenience to residents who took part in CC’s activities. They also touched on the name, history, development, and residential profile of Bukit Batok constituency. 

Bukit Batok CC Part 1

Bukit Batok CC Part 2