Meet-The-People-Session (MPS)

Bukit Batok's MPS
The Meet-The-People-Session (MPS) and Legal Clinic are held on Friday nights at the PAP Community Foundation office in Block 148.

MPS is held on every Friday evenings for our Members of Parliament to reach out and help the residents of Bukit Batok who needs assistance and advice.

The Legal Clinic is now held on every Friday evenings. Residents can seek free legal advice from volunteer Lawyers.


Bukit Batok SMC

Dates:  Every Friday* (Starting July 2016) 

Time:    7:30 pm onwards**

Venue:  Blk 148 Bukit Batok West Ave 6,
              #01-319, Singapore 650148.

(with free Legal Clinic)

  * Except public holidays
** Please arrive early for registration and bring your identity cards and relevant document to the session.

The Meet–The-People Session (MPS)
The MPS serves as a conduit from which our MPs reach out to our residents who need help and advice. All issues ranging from job-matching, financial assistance, seeking for rental homes, appeals pertaining to fines to finding placement in a school for their child will be dealt with. The number of petitioners varies largely from one Friday to another; every session lasts as long as it takes to clear all petitions. It is advisable to arrive for registration early. Registration starts as early as 7 pm. Please bring along your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). It will also help to bring along document (letters, notices & etc.) which can help us to resolve your issues.
The MPS relies on a small group of volunteers to run the process smoothly. Their tasks include registration, initial interview with petitioners, drafting and typing petition letters, correspondence archival and sending out letters. We welcome volunteers to join us in this meaningful work.

Legal Clinic
The free legal clinic is also held on every Friday. Our legal lawyers render help to our residents who cannot afford legal advice and those who are not qualified for legal aid. Advices given by our lawyers include employment, personal injury, contract and criminal matters. Not many places provide free legal advice, our residents are indeed fortunate to be served by these volunteer lawyers.

Additional Information
Should you have any feedback or questions relating to MPS matters, kindly send your emails to Thank you.